Islands of South Brittany, the Glenans and Sein island

Islands of South Brittany, the Glenans and Sein island


  • The Glenans ( do only in summer weather)


    A little paradise not far from Benodet. Arranged in a circle, the islands form a kind of inland sea called the "room." it often takes, in summer, a tropical lagoon turquoise colors. The beaches have nothing to envy to those of the South Pacific by the fineness and whiteness of the sand grains. The only thing missing in that coconut and a few degrees warmer in the water !


    Renowned for its sailing school, this is the ideal place to practice all water sports and sunbathing if the sun is in the game. The company of "Stars of the Odet" from Benodet offers several options to go there and enjoy various activities. Plan your supplies for the day because there is virtually no infrastructure on site except on the island St Nicolas.



  • Sein Island : « a crepe lace placed on the ocean ! »


    At start from Audierne, beautiful little cruise that will take you along the Pointe du Raz, the Old Lighthouse, stirring through the Raz de Sein with trolling bars and with a little luck you'll sometimes with lovely dolphins.


    With its 200 inhabitants, this small piece of land somehow resists the top of his five feet to the assaults of the ocean. The inhabited part of the island is grouped around the harbor on the east side, the area less exposed to storms that only the top of its flagship 48m challenge. Once the fishing activity allowed its inhabitants to work, now it is tourism that has taken over and thus allows the maintenance of an economic and social life on the island. Lovely walks to do along the coast and in the narrow streets of the port. Do not miss the lunch break for lobster stew local specialty unavoidable.